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Hit-O-Meter Added 7-14-2011

The Wizzard has several sound systems from small club or coffee house systems to our largest four way
 QSC & JBL outside system that is perfect for "Concerts In The Park" and will cover 3,000 People

Our system "A" runs 3,000 Watts of audio power,
Bi-Amped, and is comprised of a pair of 18" down firing sub woofers,
One for each side. Also a pair of pole mounted "tops" consisting of a JBL 2206 600 watt 12" Mid-Bass driver
And a 1" 150 Watt horn.

Our System "B" Is Pictured Below

We Normally Do Not Use The Two Extra Double 18" Subs Pictured In The Center Front Of The Stage

The Extra Pair Of Subs Was Added Because The Headlining Act Had Double Kick Drums And A Heavy Hitter On Bass Guitar

Plus Lots Of Sub Bass Coming From The Keyboard Player

Extra Subs Can Be Added If Needed


Our system "B" runs in Four Way mode and consists of two JBL 2241H 18" sub woofers in one cabinet per side.
For mid bass there are two JBL 2206 12" drivers in horn loaded cabinets for longer throw. Two cabinets per side.
The mid highs are handeled by one huge 2380 JBL horn with a JBL 2446J driver.
Finally the very top end is taken care of by a pair of JBL 2404H super tweeters on each side.
All four amplifiers are QSC.

Our Stage Monitor System Runs Four Wedges.

Normally Three Wedges Across The Front,

And One By The Drummer. 

Each With A JBL 2206 600 watt 12" Driver

And A 1" 150 Watt Horn.

All Monitors Are Driven Independently

By A Pair Of Carvin DCM 1015 Stereo Monitor Amps 

Running 1,000 Watts Per Channel.

Each Power Amp Has A 15 Band EQ Per Channel. 

This Runs In A Four Way Mix.

So We Can Put Any Instrument

Or Vocal In Any Or All Of The Wedges.

More Pictures and more detailed information on our sound systems will be added soon!