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Wizzard Productions Presents

Psychedelic Friday

January 12, 2018 

We are currently researching and auditioning bands for this event
This is the first step for our event

Bands need to "Cover" songs from the mid 60's to mid 70's

No original songs for this event please

An original 60's Psychedelic Light Show will accompany all bands

This will be a Multi-Band Event with between four to six Bands Performing

A stock "Back Line" Will be Provided to Include:
   5 Piece Pearl Drum Kit
SWR Redhead Bass Amp with two 10's & Tweeter
Fender Super Twin Guitar Amp with two 12" JBL D120's
 Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp with one 12" Altec 415
 Silvertone 1484 Guitar Amp with four 12" Eminence

All Guitar Amps are Tube Driven
The SWR Redhead is Solid State

All mics, stands, cables, monitor speakers, and DI's will be provided

We encourage all bands to use as much of our stock
Back Line equipment as possible

Please fill out our FORM at the bottom of this page and click the Blue SUBMIT button

Contact information:
First name:
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Last name:
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Band Name

Web Site


My Space

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Songs & Artists Your Band Covers:

EXAMPLE: Doors-Love Me Two Times

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Your Band Equipment & Other Audio Info

List all of your equipment:

Keyboards, Guitar Amps, Bass Amp, Drum Kit, Other Electronics.

Give Details: Brand and model, type of output connectors for use with DI's

Drum Kit: How many pieces in your kit? Can you use our Stock Backline kit?

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Best way to contact you:

How many PAYING fans do you expect will attend?

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An original 60's Psychedelic Light Show will accompany all bands