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Hit-O-Meter Added 4/10/2015

This is a brand new page!
Here you can ask questions about equipment, & equipment problems.
My answers will appear here, for your questions!

At the middle of this page, is our FORM for you gear people to fill out and submit.
After reviewing your question, I will post your question to this page but will only share your first name, and your question.
My answer will appear below your question.
You will receive an email telling you that your question has been answered on this web site.

I am NOT a Solid State fan!
Wizzard Audio & its brother company; Laurence Amplifiers; Designs, Services, Rebuilds, & Modifies Tube Equipment ONLY!
This isn't because I don't know or understand Solid State gear. I do...Really! The reason I don't like to work on Solid State equipment is because time has proved, since the early days of the first Germanium transistors,
that repair parts; namely the transistors themselves, are often no longer available from 3-5 years after production.
This really holds true for equipment designed and built overseas,
as well as transistors and / or IC's that are custom made or "batch numbered" instead of traditional numbering systems:
like a transistor labeled 2N3055.

Before filling in a box, first clear the box one at a time.

To clear a box, simply put your cursor anywhere in the box and click CTRL A.

This will highlight the box. Then click DELETE and the box will clear.

After you have completed the FORM, please click the BLUE Submit button at the bottom left of the FORM
Then click the DONE button! 

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Click the BLUE Submit button once the FORM is complete!

Then click the DONE button!