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!! ALL BANDS !! 

!! DJ's !! 














Join Us For



Dates Are Ongoing

Doors Will Open At 6:00 PM

DJ's Will Start At 6:00 PM

And Will Perform

Between Band Set Changes

And After The Last Band Finishes

 At 1:00 AM

Until The End Of The Night

At 2:00 AM

Dance Music Is Prefered

For At Least 50%

Of Your Set

The First Band Performance Will Begin At 7:00 PM And End At 7:45 PM

The Last Band Performance Will Begin At 12:00 And End at 1:00 AM

The Last Band

Our Headline Act

  will perform until 1:00 AM

That gives you a 15 Minute longer set

so please be prepared.

The Venue Closes At 2:00 AM

The Wizzard Lightshow Will Be Performing

All Night For Psychedelic Fridays

Click Here To Go Directly To The Wizzard Lightshow Web Site For A Preview Of What To Expect From The Wizzard

Guests List:

 Each Band Is Allowed

Two Guests

Each DJ Is Allowed

One Guest

One 45 Minute Set For Each Band

Six Bands For Each Night

Set Changes Are 15 Minutes

The Last 3 To 5 Minutes Of Your 15 Minute Set Up

Is For Your Sound Check

First Band Starts At 7:00 PM And Ends At 7:45 PM

Second Band Is From 8:00 PM to 8:45 PM

Third Band Is From 9:00 PM to 9:45 PM

Fourth Band Is From 10:00 PM to 10:45 PM

Fifth Band Is From 11:00 PM To 11:45 PM

Sixth Band Is From 12:00 AM Midnight To 1:00 AM


The Sixth Band Will Be Our Headliner For A One Hour Set


Information You Submit On The Form Below
Will NOT Be Posted To The Web Site
Except for the name of your band 
It Is Sent Directly To Wizzard Productions, Wizzard Audio, Laurence Amplifiers Wizzard Light Show

A Beautiful Full Spectrum Three Way Sound System
With All JBL Drivers
Two 18" Sub Woofer are part of the Sound System
 Four Stage Monitors
A Separate Monitor Mix For Each Monitor
Plenty of Microphones, Stands, Cables, and DI Boxes

Click The Blue SUBMIT button at the bottom of the FORM on the left side 
When you have completed our Our Band & DJ Form 
Once Submitted, Then Click The DONE Button

To Add Your Band or DJ Info Place Your Cursor Anywhere in The Box & Click CTRL A To Highlight The Entire Box.

Then Click DELETE & The Box Will Clear

Or To Add Your Band or DJ Information Simply Put Your Cursor At The Right End Of The Box And Backspace To Clear The Box.

Your Band Information:

Your Band Name
 * required
 * required
Style Of Music
 * required
 * required
How Many Members In Your Band?
 * required
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Your Phone Number
 * required
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Performance Slots Are Every Hour, On The Hour

At 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM, 10:00 PM, 11:00 PM, 12:00 AM Midnight, And 1:00 AM

Typical Sets Are 45 Minutes. However We May Ask You To Perform Longer,
Up To 60 Minutes Depending On Our Performance Schedule &
The Audience Response To Your Band or DJ.

Details About Your Band

How Many Vocals & Monitors. We Need Details Please

Sample Of Your Song List
Questions_For_Us_or_Extra_Info_You Want_To_Add

After You Click The BLUE SUBMIT Button, You Will Be Directed Back To This Page 

Then Click The DONE button 

Now Go Check Out

The Terrace

The Tab Is At The Top

!! Wizzard Productions  !! Bringing Good Music And Entertainment To The Masses Since 1966 !!